Hello & thanks for taking the time to read about how InspiRacial Strength was created.


As a life long athlete competing in sports in little league and throughout high school, I discovered my

enthusiasm for health & fitness.

I trained at my local gym and eventually became a pro-wrestler.  Through my participation in sports, workouts at the gym and my wrestling career, I noticed how these activities united people. 

 I personally wanted a special T-shirt that I could wear in and out of the gym, at pro-wrestling events & on movie sets that had a meaningful message to share with everyone. This is my humanistic method of bringing

racial awareness to all.

These special ‘Unity T-shirts’ are called

InspiRacial Strength’.

Helping people express themselves when they can’t quite find the words of wanting to

 #EndRacism with#Equality #Peace & #Unity.


Quality Products.

The Max Screen Printing Co’ prints all of InspRacial Strength T-Shirts.

They’ve always done a quality job

with great products.

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